All About Devon Cliffs

Devon Cliffs Holiday Park is a large holiday park and is one of the best equipped holiday parks for miles around.

 You’ll never be short of things to keep you and your family busy during your stay in Devon. Why not try some of the great entertainment available day or night. Or get involved in the park activities available for young and old alike.

Devon Cliffs Pools

Pool Activities

Enjoy Pool & Water Sports Activities in the heated outdoor pool. There is also a heated indoor pool so why not try one of the many activities in the pools.

Get Active

Get Active

Getting Active here at Devon Cliffs is great fun for all ages.

Creative Activities

Get Creative

Get Creative here at Devon Cliffs – have fun and let your minds run free and make something to take home.

Find out about Nature

Find out about Nature

Find out about Nature explore the park and coastline and much much more.

Day time Entertainment At Devon Cliffs

Daytime Entertainment

Daytime Entertainment at Devon Cliffs - all day every day, your family will have so much to do.

Evening Entertainment At Devon Cliffs

Evening Entertainment

Evening Entertainment at Devon Cliffs - simply the best place to be.   

Devon Cliffs Food

Food and Drink

Food and Drink at Devon Cliffs has a range of food & drink venues - you will be spoit for choice.

Devon Cliffs Shops

Shops and Services

Shops & Services at Devon Cliffs, onsite you are bound to find what you need.


We've been here for a few days now and have done a range of activities. As a family with multiple autistic children, the activities can always be a rather nervewracking thing but the staff completely put us at ease, had a laugh with us and had incredible patience.
When we did the big jump, we had Matt and Hayden talk us through it. Our little one did not lile it but they were incredibly patient with her and put her at ease. They then let us take her goes as she wouldn't do it, meaning we did not feel like we wasted our money.
We then did the Ariel Assult course. We went last as we knew we would take a while and struggle a bit. We had Simon, Georgia, Cassius, Reece and Lilly talk us through everything step by step. They were so incredibly patient with us and we had a good laugh with them. They made a difficult and nerving thing seem lile a breeze and relieved all of our nerves. They did not judge or get impatient with us, even though we took it slow and struggled a little at parts. They were incredibly motivational and made it such a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. We highly recommend for everyone to do this, even if you're nervous. If it wasn't for the staff, i dont think i would've finished it as i nearly had a panic attack at the top after falling, but the staff members told me to stop, made sure i was keeping my breathing under control before moving on.
Overall, this park is absolutely wonderful so far and these people specifically have absolutely made our trip so far. We have more activities booked and are thoroughly excited. The activity instructors deserve a lot of praise.

Location Of The Park